River Activation Class

Join Alf & Pam Dyck every Monday night at 7pm to be activated in one of the words spoken over the River. 



WHEN: July19 @ 7pm

WHERE: The River Community Church

A PLACE TO CALL HOME: GROWTH & EVENGELISM                                                                                    

For there are those that The Lord is going to bring as transfer growth here.  

It's going to be a God thing He's arranging -- it's not you guys.  

God is bringing them here, because there are many who are in other places, but they are in the wrong place.  

They carry the DNA of this house, so God is going to gather those that have the DNA of this house and bring them here.  

So do not worry when some people come from other places, do not worry about transfer because God is rearranging it. He is going to do it.  

The Lord is going to release those who have been calling out and crying out for the 'more' and the doors of 'the more' are in this place.  


So, God is arranging things. He's bringing those with the same DNA to this house.

Many who have been crying out for 'more' are coming. 

There is an impartation for evangelism and reaching the lost. 


This resonated with many of us when Pam spoke on the different prophetic words over the River! 

So if you are stirred in the area of growth and evangelism, then please respond to this email and I will send you some prep notes. 

Please go over the notes before you come on Monday.


Let's get active!