When: June 25thTime: 6pm to 9pm

Where: Jubilee Park Abbotsford

More info: Facebook.com/the5000.ca


Who's ready to raise their Hallelujah?  Bring your family, bring your neighbor, bring a friend.

It’s time to celebrate! The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and JOY! It’s time to war against the darkness, on our knees with grateful hearts, as we offer the sacrifice of our praise to the One who is Worthy of it all!

You guys, JESUS is ALIVE, and He STILL reigns! So lift up your heads, you heavenly gates, and open WIDE. King Jesus is on the MOVE and He is IN you! The Kingdom of God is indeed AT HAND (within reach!)

I can feel it stirring already, this is going to be nuts. I can't WAIT to see what God wants to do.

Led by: Jason & Kasie Frans & team