The River Community Church Abbotsford Leadership Team:

Our leadership team recognizes the loving authority of God, and we serve under, Jesus Christ. We desire to spread the loving word of our Father. Our passion and goal is to equip believers for ministry wherever he or she may be.

Alf and Pam DyckAlf and Pam Dyck – Pastors

Alf and Pam Dyck are the Pastors of the River Church of Abbotsford. They are much loved and have modelled to us there is no limit to His power to work in our lives. They are committed to helping people experience wholeness through the love of the Father and have set the vision to equip us to love God and love others with His love in our community and beyond. Come visit us and see what they are all about! Pam is also responsible for the prayer and the prophetic in the River.

 Currently Alf and Pam  are actively developing opportunities to take the Father’s Heart message out to smaller cities and towns in British Columbia. We use these occasions to develop a heart for Outreach in the River, and to train teams to go out and represent the Father’s love.   We believe that another mission field in front of us, is Canada and so we believe in taking the message of the Father’s love out wherever we are invited !  We love getting to partner with God to see people freed and healed, by His love!
—  If you are interested in being a part of these outreaches, OR if you’d like to us to bring a team to your church or town, please contact us through the River Abbotsford website.
Alf & Pam are available for weekend conferences or workshops. Please contact us for more information at


John Miller – Associate Pastor

John & Kristin Miller moved here October, 2010 from Oroville, California and have a unique story to tell. John is originally from Cape May, New Jersey and Kristin is from Windsor, Ont but they both met in OrorvilleCalifornia at The Father’s House Church. John is the River’s Worship Leader & Church Leader. He has a passion for worship and seeing people healed and restored through the presence of God. Kristin has a passion for prayer and has a heart to see the broken and lost healed and restored. John may look rough on the outside but on the inside he is a real softy. Kristin also may seem quiet but she is a warrior on the inside and has some fire to share. John seeks for justice in the Kingdom and Kristin seeks for truth and faithfulness. Together they enjoy serving, loving and giving their life away for the Kingdom of God.

John is in charge of our Intern Program and  are bringing their experience with the Father’s House Church in California both from being  Interns and mentoring interns there.  We are excited about this new ministry and John has great vision for what God is going to do with Interns. If you are interested in knowing more or applying for an internship If you are interested please contact John through the River website at

David and Claire ShiehDavid & Claire Shieh – Creativity Department – Advisor

The Shieh’s lead creativity at The River Community church. They are passionate about helping others to express themselves thru the arts to help others become closer to Father.
David and Claire also head up a creative worship ministry called ‘Called to Flag‘, as well as a Tuesday night teaching and instruction on flagging called ‘ Refined and Defined’  . For information on their flagging ministry, please contact David at Click HERE to goto their Facebook site on flagging.
Claire is very talented  in the area of design & uses that  to help create many of our colorful marketing and promotional tools.   David & Claire have been married for 11 years & have 2 gorgeous girls. David grew up in Abbotsford & Claire is from Taiwan & moved here 11 years ago. 
Amy Schmidt 2Amy Schmidt –  Sunday School – Youth Group Leader
Amy’s primary passion is worship and helping people to connect with God.  From that place of intimacy, she desires to see the whole body of Christ-young and old- empowered to be true ambassadors of the Father’s love and the gospel of Jesus Christ that transforms Canada and the nations.
Currently she is  head of the Sunday school curriculum’s and is active in raising funds for an orphanage in Uganda.  You can contact Amy at

Mike and AnnaMarie Bakker

Mike & AnnaMarie Bakker – The Stream (Leaders)
Mike Bakker is a teacher at Abbotsford Christian School & his passion is for people to love God with all of their heart. AnnaMarie is a passionate lover of Christ & wants to change the world around her with love. They currently lead an outreach church called The Stream every Friday night at 7pm. AnnaMarie also leads a homegroup for women. For more information please contact them at