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the stream church outreach


The Stream is an urban ministry that serves folks on the margins who have forgotten who they are- sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves them desperately!  There are three weekly events that have wonderfully different flavors, but the same purpose.  

Monday and Friday are the times where the ‘Streamers’ get to gather for various activities. ‘Streamers’ are folks who identify as a family that welcomes all who gather together for Friday nights, and other activities. While they face a number of physical, social, and spiritual challenges, the participation in Stream events focus on the identity as children of a God who loves them unconditionally.
These folks have regular access to set up meetings, receive discipleship, counseling, or advice on a Tuesday or Thursday with Mike and Anna-Marie.
“This is what we do full-time, and we love it - we love them! We feel God has put us into this place for such a time as this.”

Heading 6

The Stream 


4:00pm -6:30pm

The Friday night Stream event is set with a casual, coffeehouse vibe.. Participants (aka "Streamers") enjoy a safe, honoring environment where they can enjoy healthy community, a place to share needs, and receive encouragement from the Word, as well as a delicious home-cooked meal from caring church partners.

We are currently serving our guests outside in the parking lot. 

Art Experience


11:30am - 2pm

Art Experience is a creative expression open to our Streamers, and allows them to spend time creating beautiful art pieces. Creativity is a natural part of our DNA, and we offer the tools/skills and direction to access that for people who regularly cannot.

Social distancing rules apply.

Co-Ed Bible Studies


9:30am - 11am

Co-Ed Bible Studies is focus on showing the participants more information about scripture than just the words on the page:
-How do I read the bible?
-Who’s writing the passage?
-What’s important to know?
-What’s the overarching message or story of scripture?
Think of it as putting a driving manual into the hands of drivers, so they can use the road well.

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