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Father's Love  • Healing • Equipping

The River Community Church

July 22, 2024 Update...We've been given an informal timeline of 8-10 months before we are likely to get back into the bulding.  There has been no salvaging of property so far.  The leadership is actively looking for a temporary home for us and currently we are meeting in our parking lot.
If you are wanting to donate towards expenses that are not covered by our insurance, please click on the GIVE button above and make a note that it's towards restoration expenses. 
Mostly, we covet your prayers during this time. We know God is for us & we are thankful in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES because He is good and we know that He will never fail us.
***If you haven’t heard yet, the building that our church meets in had a fire in one of the other units and as a result, our facilities are unavailable for meeting in.

We are currently meeting in the parking lot of the church - on Sunday morning - for an outdoor service. It’s going to be an incredible time and we hope you can make it. We will have tents for shade. Bring lawn chairs to sit on and if you have extra, bring those to share with ones who don’t. We know that we serve a good God who is not surprised by this; He is working all things together for good. Can’t wait to see you on Sunday morning at 10am!

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Sunday Service

Youtube live service link HERE

10:00 AM




Leadership team


Pam and Alf River Community Church Abbot

Alf & Pam Dyck

Lead Pastors

Since 2001 Alf and Pam have been pastoring The River, when it was still called VCF (Valley Christian Fellowship). A pastoral couple that work together 24/7 - their hearts always seek to incorporate with other churches, as they look to make glad the city of Abbotsford with the Father Heart message that takes people out of religion and into relationship.

Pam and Alf view Sundays as a core to create community and celebration for what’s been going on all week, through worship, connection, and truth.

Alf loves watching people grasp a value and application for the Word of God in their daily lives, as they receive revelation of their identity in a Sonship culture.
Pam’s biggest passion is leading people through prayer so they can leave a load of spiritual weight, and step into freedom.

Lead Pastors


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AnnaMarie & Mike Bakker

The Stream Pastors &

River Pastor's Assistants

Mike and Anna-Marie have 4 kids and 5 grandkids. They have a passion to see people understand they’re Loved.  Not just by people, but seen as a child of God. “No matter where you come from, or what decisions you’ve made in life: you’re precious. And every time we meet with someone, this is the overarching message: you’re loved by the Father - that is hit Home again and again.”

Their vision is to see people have moment in their hearts where they are undone - an ‘A-HA’ moment, where there are no more questions, denial, or hesitation around the perimeter. No more beating around the bush, but saying ‘I have seen the Lord, and He spoke to me.’”


Anna-Marie brings life everywhere she goes. She does not cease to bring life to any room that she walks into.

Mike teaches the Father’s Love, and loves under all conditions with a care that makes a tangled mess look like a bull’s-eye.



The Stream Pastors  &  The River Pastor's Assistants


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David Shieh

Leadership Team

David has been with the River since 2009. He is on leadership team and helps to take care of the financial end of things. He is married to Claire and has 2 beautiful daughters. Together they direct a full time international worship ministry named Called to Flag


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Leadership Team


About us.



The River Community Church in Abbotsford, BC is intentional about being immersed in the Father’s love. We value growing and cultivating a deeper relationship as a Son or Daughter of a loving Father.

Our vision is to see His children healed and set free emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. We long for his sons and daughters to be walking in health and wholeness as Jesus intended.

We desire to see each individual equipped and passionate about their destiny and calling in Abbotsford & beyond. We know God has called us to be a body with many talents and strengths.  We are excited to watch and facilitate opportunities for you to fulfill yours.

We anticipate  our church being able to encourage and celebrate with one another as we pursue a relationship with the Father, receive inner and outer healing, become equipped and victorious in bringing the love of Jesus and the Father to those in your sphere of influence.

If you are looking to  be apart of a community church that is intentional about loving, healing, equipping and ministering all from a place of security in the Fathers love, you’ve reached the right place. We welcome you to join us in Abbotsford as we pursue the fullness of life God has planned for each of us.

River Prophetic Words 2001-Present

1. Healing Pool - This will be known for praying for the sick and seeing the sick healed! Miracles will happen in this place.  The pool of healing is going to open up in a greater way.


2. Hospitality/Generosity/ Business - The Lord is going to give you more baskets filled with fruit for you to GIVE to others - you will be a lender in times of need.  Your storehouse will be fully.  It will be a place of financial blessing. God will draw people to this house that are good stewards.  Leaders positioned in the market place will come .  God will cause provisions to come to their businesses. 


3. Worship/Creativity Anointing - There are song writers in this place - a psalmist anointing. Worship that is going to release the sound of Heaven.  Creativity in this place that will draw others - dancers, flaggers, painters and writers. 


4. Teaching - Many are going to come and be trained.  The Lord will use you to train and equip and send out from here. This will be an Antioch for the Kingdom 


5. Growth/ Evangelism - God is arranging things. He's bringing those with the same DNA to this house. Many who have been crying out for 'more' are coming.  There is an impartation for evangelism and reaching the lost. 


6. Prophetic Gifts and a place of Visitation - Heavenly visitations are going to be a part of this house.  Supernatural and angelic visitations.   A John the Baptist anointing for the prophetic, revelatory and evangelism here. The Lord is going to release the well. There is a seers anointing in this place, but what is going to come is a FULLNESS of the release. 


7. Inner Healing/ Freedom/ Father's and Mother's - people  are going to be coming in like 'mummies'- completely bound up - and people in this house will be a part of releasing them.  There are freedoms  in this house , There are givers of life in the River. There is also a new wave of mother's and fathers, that has nothing to do with age, but by their calling and hears. 


8. Children - revival - Children revivalists  - The Lord is raising up children in this house. He is going to anoint them in a new way. There will be a fire in them for evangelism - carriers of God word and His power.


9. House of Leaders - Training up and releasing - God has called this house to be a house of leaders.  People of this house will carry an apostolic authority .  They will walk in integrity, passion and compassion, plus a zeal that will be contagious. 


10. Prayer and Intercession - This will be a place where the intercessors will be drawn, including the retired intercessors. God will give you new strategies in prayer.  


11. Unity/ Nations - God has given you the Nations. He says there are church planters AND revivalists among you.  You will be a house that will walk in unity towards one another, and that unity will flow out towards your city. You will be known as a place that BLESSES, not curses. You will be a place where other leaders from other churches, will feel safe. This will be a place that they will come to for prayer, wisdom and healing. 

The Venue
Contact Us

Church Location

Unit 14 – 33550 S Fraser Way,

Abbotsford, BC V2S 5G7


Mailing Address only

#112-33280 Bourquin Cres. E.

Abbotsford, BC V2T 7K2

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