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Like many churches we have not had the 'lost' beating a path to our door, so we decided to take God to them! Our treatments use the terminology that the world understands, but we are fully and completely God based in all that we do!  


We do a training twice a year to continue to add staff to the Cafe.  Our Cafe is currently staff by people from 8 different churches - all of whom have been blessed and released by their pastors to be a part of this amazing outreach!  We offer the Cafe on the first and 3rd Saturdays of every month from 3-5 pm. 


The Spirit Cafe has been a great place for those with prophetic gifts to function outside the church - taking their gift out to the people who most need it.  Every week there are lives touched, hearts healed, encounters with the love of God and more! Our treatments are all reliant upon the Spirit of God, which is the Holy Spirit.  There is NO CHARGE for any of the treatments we offer, and we also free tea and coffee to all those that come in! Our treatments are listed below  - Come visit us for yourself and find out more!  


Treatments include:
- Spiritual Reading
- Physical Healing
- Spiritual Cleansing
- Dream Interpretation
- Peace Treatment

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