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1st & 3rd Saturdays of Every Month 10am-12pm



1st Saturday - hosted on Zoom (see Link below)

3rd Saturday - hosted in person (see map below)

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Treatments include:

- Spiritual Reading :: Encouraging Words given as we hear from the Spirit of God

- Physical Healing :: Healing Prayer for any pains or illnesses

- Peace Treatment :: Bringing the Spirit of Peace

- Spiritual Cleansing :: Exchanging guilt, shame, regret or unforgiveness

- Dream Interpretation :: God often speaks to us in messages through dreams.


Spirit Cafe is hosted virtually on Zoom.
Experience God's presence through spiritual treatments. Our team is trained to hear and speak what God is saying.

Please note that we do not record the treatments, as those are private. However, if we do go live for advertising/testimonies, we will notify you ahead of time. Please let the host know if you would prefer to remain anonymous :)

Please understand that we cannot give a treatment session without video on, as that can be a key component for you receiving prayer from the teams.

For more information, and to find Spirit Cafe schedule, please email

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