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through Prayer

Prayer was never meant to be duty based or merely results oriented.  It is the place of ENCOUNTER with God! We believe, because we have experienced it for ourselves,  that prayer is always an opportunity for us to encounter the love,  power, and presence of  God. At the River,  we have several different avenues of opportunities for prayer - some corporate expressions of prayer and others more personal and individual.   


*Our prayer room is open each Sunday at 9:50 for pre-service prayer.


*We also have prayer ministry teams that pray with people during the worship time and after the service.  

*There is an intercession meeting that is currently being revamped, but more info on that will be coming in the fall!  

*Then, of course, there is PRAYER MINISTRY ( also known as 'Inner Healing')  - where the hurts from life come into contact with the LOVE of GOD, and we see amazing things happen in people's hearts.  Currently, we have five people trained to do prayer ministry, and you can book appointments through the website.  This service is being offered to people outside the River as well, but if you are not a part of the River, we do have a suggested donation of $35 for these appointments, as a way to honor the time of those ministering to you.

Booking: The Encounter Prayer Ministry​

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